What Should I be Paying for Monthly Telecom?

What Should I be Paying for Monthly Telecom?

Over 20 years of hotel-specific telecom experience has determined that these are typical prices a hotelier should be paying at a property based on the number of rooms. If your property exceeds these amounts, contact RTM Inc. for a complimentary estimate of savings.

Average Monthly Telephone Charges

Number of Room                                           *Price

0-150                                                            $575.00

151-250                                                       $750.00

215-400                                                        $925.00

$1,150.00                                                      $1,150.00

The above estimates are for dial tone only – not internet bandwidth.

 * All estimated prices include applicable taxes and monthly minutes used.

RTM Inc. works with a wide range of hospitality businesses from limited service to full-service resort style properties. RTM provides complementary analysis’ of Telecommunications Services, Internet Services, Trash Removal & Waste Management Services, and other utilities such as Gas, Water, and Electric. RTM also provides IT consulting, HSIA solutions, and Bandwidth Management.

RTM Inc., is a third party, a non-biased performance-based company working on your behalf. If you would like RTM to perform a complimentary assessment of your monthly expenditures, including telephone charges, please contact Terry below.

Contact Terry Mueller: tmueller@rtm-inc.com | 407-998-8028