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Tips to Lower Telecom Costs

Tips to Lower Telecom Costs

The pace of telecom and technology change continues to accelerate as demonstrated by recent announcements by AT&T and Sprint to no longer offer traditional land lines.  In hindsight, it is easy to see how the I-Phone, I-Pad, and the Internet have affected almost every industry, including hospitality. The changing technology and fierce competition have rewarded those who manage their telecom and Internet assets. The following are a few recommended steps:

  • The first step is having a summary of services being paid for and the usage of each.  Your accounting department may have this information.  The property’s telephone bill will provide some of the detail.
  •  A worksheet to assist in the gathering of this information includes:  main telephone number, lines billed under the main number, description  –  Upon request RTM can provide a worksheet or better yet, RTM will complete the worksheet using one month copy of the properties telecom bills.
  • Track long distance, toll-free, & local usage such as fax, elevator, PBX, etc.
  • Business lines typically have an annual cost of $500.00.  Eliminating unused business lines or converting to direct inward dialing numbers are some of the low hanging fruit.
  • It is important to know the contract terms and expiration dates for services.  (While an extreme case, RTM recently replaced a $8,000.00 a month out of contract T-1 with a $900.00 a month service from a Tier 1 provider.)

Since the guest usage on the hotel’s PBX is negligible, armed with the above information the process of re-engineering the type and quantity of telephone services and the saving can begin.  Using an appropriate worksheet provides management a snapshot of actual and projected savings.


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