Telecom Optimization & Management

The Internet and new technologies have had a profound impact on the way companies do business, resulting in lower costs and significant improvements in workflow. With guests abandoning the in-room telephone and the proliferation of smartphone and apps, the hotel’s required telecommunication Infrastructure continues to shrink.

With these monumental changes, the real opportunity to reduce costs by optimizing the monthly services is greater today than ever before. Putting these expenses under the microscope includes:

  • Proven process to examine all recurring expenses
  • Eliminate duplicate and no longer needed services
  • Document before and after optimization services and annualized cost savings

Why Outsource Telecom Management: Numerous management companies have elected to use specialized third party telecom firms to manage their telecom assets. These benefits include lower corporate overhead, the expertise of a team of professional telecom managers; significantly reduce the involvement of corporate and property personnel involvement, and one affordable monthly fee.

Telecom Management Scope of Work

  • Cell phone management
  • Bandwidth management
  • Dispute management
  • Monthly bill review
  • Correction of billing errors
  • Vendor management
  • Contract review and tracking

Optional Telecom Management Services

  • Help desk services
  • New construction
  • HSIA management

Contingency / Fixed Fee Makes Sense: By not reviewing telecom expenses, it is highly likely the property continues to overpay for months and months resulting in lost opportunity savings. RTM’s Telecom Optimization uses a 35% contingency fee based on annualized savings as reflected in the before and after billing

Easy to Get Started: Want to know if there is savings opportunity at your property? To gauge the opportunity, just send RTM two months of the most recent telecom and bandwidth invoices and our team will provide a No Obligation estimate of savings.

Learn More: Please contact Terry Mueller at or 407 998-8028 (direct).