High Speed Internet

Working side by side with Brand Approved Vendors, we understand the vital importance of providing our guests with quality, easy to use High-Speed Internet. With 12 years’ experience providing 24/7/365 tech support to the hospitality industry, Resource Technology Management (RTM) works as a both a partner, manager and advocate for the hotel, thus owning and solving periodic problems for the property. With it being commonplace for the guest to use multiple devices, having a strategic, secure plan to provide ample bandwidth and the equipment to carry those demands is critical for guest satisfaction.

We do the work

The changing Brand standards for the HSIA system compliance, refresh, and upgrade demands can be very time consuming and require specialized expertise. RTM, as the hotel’s advocate, manages those and other daily time-consuming tasks for the facility, thus allowing more time for the guest. Recertification of equipment upgrades, bandwidth management, and guest tech support and are just a few of the projects RTM manages from sourcing, coordination, and implementation

RTM Owns the Problem

Far too often the property is told “Not my Problem, it is the other guy”. The property is in the middle and wants to have the problem fixed quickly. Should this occur, RTM owns the problem to determine the responsible party and follows up through resolution.

Most guests value good Internet access and will book return business upon a no problem visit. If not, guest service scores will reflect in their comments.

Competitively Priced Per Room Per month

  • Only partner with Brand Approved vendors
  • Expanded management services not offered by others
  • Ease of doing business
  • Flexible contract periods