Project Management

The major hotel brands are updating their technology standards to require high definition programming and flat screen television sets by the December 2009. The issue facing the industry is not just purchasing the flat panel sets, but having the corresponding HDTV channels and content. These upgrades generate major challenges for hotel owners with existing vendor agreements, viable alternatives and upgrade costs. Several major management companies have engaged Resource Technology Management to provide full brand compliant project management to meet their franchisor requirements.

For management or ownership groups with multiple properties, these projects will demand huge amounts of attention and time from the corporate office through the maintenance teams at the properties. RTM performs the turnkey project management allowing the hotel’s staff to stay focused on their daily responsibilities. RTM provides turnkey micro-management of the entire HDTV Project…On time, fully Brand compliant and at, or below budget.

From negotiations with HD content providers to installation and security measures, it becomes clear why project management is needed.


The Scope of Services for this project includes:

  • Review the contracts and status of the free to guest service provider at each property.
  • Prepare a contract abstract for each property and a summary by vendor.
  • Make recommendations where appropriate to replace existing vendors or renegotiate present Agreements.
  • Contact each provider to complete the Property Survey form to determine the present infrastructure and the ability to support HDTV programming.
  • As necessary, send Resource personnel to the property to complete the Property Survey. The Client is responsible only for actual travel and lodging expenses as it pertains to Resource personnel.
  • Make property specific recommendation required for HDTV signal compatibility.
  • Prepare, issue, and evaluate a Request for Proposal for properties that will require a new cable plant to support HDTV programming.
  • Provide project management for upgrades or cable plant replacement at each property.
  • Provide to Client a recommendation to contract with reputable third party to install flat panel sets with security clamps.
  • Place existing televisions in a secured location provided by the property, and remove all card board and other packing material.
  • Provide acceptance document of the flat panel installation and quality of the picture.