New Construction


Major hotel brands are constantly updating their technology standards. Since 1993, Resource Technology Management has provided project management to help meet full brand franchise compliant requirements.These can be intricate, for example:  Look at HDTV standards: One issue facing the industry is not just purchasing the flat panel sets, but also having the corresponding HDTV channels and content. These upgrades can generate major challenges for hotel owners due to existing vendor agreements, viable alternatives, brand compliance and upgrade costs. RTM can help!

RTM’s New Construction services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Procurement of low voltage cable infrastructure for HSIA, PBX, guest in-room entertainment, CCTV
  • Technology systems – procurement of PBX equipment
  • Develop network requirements for dial tone / bandwidth / voice
  • Order and coordinate installation the voice and data networks
  • Specify HSIA equipment for guest, administration & common areas
  • HDTV sets, channelization, content and line-up
  • CCTV & overhead music
  • Autocad review/ modifications
  • Access control door locks, guest room and public
  • Digital signage
  • Trash expense optimization