Low Voltage Cabling

EverChanging Brand Compliance

Since 1993, Resource Technology has been assisting hotels nationwide with Low Voltage Cabling infrastructure and updates.  As technology continues to explode, the cabling infrastructure is more critical than ever. RTM’s expertise in assisting with the following Low Voltage Cabling related services help the ownership understand the challenges.

  • Guest Internet & PBX – Cabling and Installation
  • HDTVs / Guest In-room Entertainment – Cat6/6e, Fiber and Coax
  • CCTV – For security Cameras and monitors
  • Digital Signage – Cabling of display and educational information
  • RFID (Door Locks) – During construction and retrofit
  • Overhead Speakers – for background music

Many of the above are included in our New Construction offering, but also for Brand Compliance in existing properties.  Planning for the future with respect to the conduit, adding advancing technology and repairs can provide cost savings in the near future.  RTM has provided New Construction and Low Voltage Cabling project management to over 2,500+ clients in the Hospitality Industry. From Blue Prints or CAD, RTM will deliver on or ahead of time and within budget.