Operating expense management made easy

 Operating Expense Management Made Easy

 Operating Expense Management Made EasyBudget Review

Competition and Technology are critical factors in managing assets and expense control.  However to obtain the maximum results, it takes time, expertise, and a process to Find It, Fix It and Document It.  The process is like gold mining in Alaska; you have to know where to look and the expertise to put gold in the pan.

Over the years, Resource Technology Management (RTM) www.RTM-inc.com has expanded their asset management/operating expense management services. Most services have a Pay for Performance or contingency option with some payback quicker than 4 months.


Why Use a Third Party Expertise

  • Supplement In-house Resources
  • Gives Your Company the Agility It Needs
  • Experts in Brand Standards and Vendor Options
  • Easy to Manage
  • Clean up Projects that Never Reach the Top of the “To Do’ list


Unique Trial Offer:  Select any one of the services below for a complimentary, no-obligation review of the service by completing the Complimentary Review request.


Our areas of expertise include:

  • Telecom optimization
  • Telecom management
  • Telecom bill coding
  • In-room temperature control
  • LED lighting conversion
  • Electronic door locks
  • HSIA monthly support
  • HSIA required Upgrades
  • Copy machine leasing
  • Deregulated electricity
  • Deregulated natural gas
  • Trash removal
  • Van Leasing

For more information please contact Terry Mueller tmueller@RTM-inc.com or visit our website at www.RTM-inc.com.