As of January 2017, AT&T is no longer the only HSIA provider approved by Hilton! We believe you will agree, This is Great News!

Resource Technology Management (RTM) can assist your hotel with what may be needed to enhance the overall Guest High-Speed experience. RTM provides exceptional HSIA micro-management and 24/7 Guest Technical Support to hundreds of hospitality clients nationwide. RTM would appreciate the opportunity to provide competitive proposals for your HSIA upgrade and ongoing support. Partnering with all major brands including Hilton approved providers, RTM enhances their services.

Why Turn to RTM?

  • RTM does all the Work – from determining contract status, what is needed, getting quotes, coordinate with vendors
  • RTM owns the problem(s) – It’s our responsibility to define, solve and verify
  • For the same competitively priced per room monthly fee – additional micro-management without additional charges
  • Client focused scope of view… client/owner interest & vendor requirements—we talk the talk on both sides = cost savings, alternate methods to solve problems
  • Dual Team NOC/ Management approach for networks… for the same money….
  • Direct One Point of Contact= accountability & responsibility- ownership…
  • Project Management – bandwidth orders, cabling, 3rd party, installations…
  • Full Scope of Service, not just monitoring equipment and taking calls…. Call counts, trends, network health

ALSO, you should be aware:

If your network equipment is more than 3 years old, some installed components may need to be upgraded or replaced. Many brands require a refresh or life cycle upgrade in 2017 for recertification. Technology changes with time, as does equipment functionality. RTM can assist your hotel to stay competitive by offering you a strategic plan to help meet the demands and security for your network and guests.

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