3 things to know about hotel cabling Hotels continue to upgrade their technology to meet brand standards, operational reporting or to enhance staff productivity.  Cabling standards change over time to enhance speed, reduce cross talk and improve overall performance.  The quality of the cabling also plays a critical role for systems to operate at peak […]

What Should I be Paying for Monthly Telecom?

What Should I be Paying for Monthly Telecom? Over 20 years of hotel-specific telecom experience has determined that these are typical prices a hotelier should be paying at a property based on the number of rooms. If your property exceeds these amounts, contact RTM Inc. for a complimentary estimate of savings. Average Monthly Telephone Charges […]

Cost Savings

Tips to Lower Telecom Costs

Tips to Lower Telecom Costs The pace of telecom and technology change continues to accelerate as demonstrated by recent announcements by AT&T and Sprint to no longer offer traditional land lines.  In hindsight, it is easy to see how the I-Phone, I-Pad, and the Internet have affected almost every industry, including hospitality. The changing technology […]

Operating expense management made easy

 Operating Expense Management Made Easy

 Operating Expense Management Made Easy Competition and Technology are critical factors in managing assets and expense control.  However to obtain the maximum results, it takes time, expertise, and a process to Find It, Fix It and Document It.  The process is like gold mining in Alaska; you have to know where to look and the […]